Amalgam – The Truth about Amalgam

The truth about amalgam
Amalgam or “silver fillings” have been getting a great deal of negative
press lately. From its alleged effects on the body to the fact that they
are not tooth colored amalgam seems like a pretty lousy restorative
However the truth is that amalgam when used properly is one of the longest
lasting restorations in the mouth. The average amalgam placed in the mouth
has a life-span of around 15-20 years. A composite or tooth colored
restoration has a life-span of only 8-10 years. Amalgams also have a
superior wear resistance as well as compressive strength to composite and in
many cases are more appropriate to place in posterior teeth. Furthermore
amalgam is in many cases much more affordable than composite restorations.
The ADA has been studying the effects of amalgam on the body for decades and
currently there is no data to support the claim that amalgam has deleterious
health effects despite what many may claim.
At Dr Leff Weiss and Waldee we believe that amalgam has been and still is a
very good restorative material when placed properly. Although it has it’s
limitations in cosmetically sensitive areas, amalgam is a long-lasting,
strong, and affordable alternative to composite.