Dental Infections

Dental infections can come in many forms. The most common is the dental
cavity. Cavities are, simply put, a bacterial infection of the tooth.
Unfortunately there is no antibiotic on the market today that can cure this
type of infection. The optimal treatment for this type of infection is
early recognition and restoration (filling). Sometimes these cavities or
infections can go unnoticed until they get deep enough to begin causing pain
or sensitivity in the tooth. If left untreated at this stage the infection
can proceed into the nerve of the tooth at which point the tooth may need a
root canal. The infection can proceed beyond the tooth at this point to
infect the surrounding bone and tissues which can result in more intense
pain and swelling. If the infection is allowed to spread beyond this point
it can cause sever health risks like sepsis (a very serious infection of the
All this comes from just one little tooth! At Weiss Waldee and Associates
we like to focus on prevention. Correcting problems before they become
problems is absolutely the best treatment for our patients and our treatment
recommendations are founded on this philosophy. If you think you may have a
cavity make an appointment today for an evaluation, your teeth will thank