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Professional Teeth Whitening


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Everyone wants a bright white smile but over time the color of our teeth fade due to food, drinks and natural aging. Professional teeth whitening is a treatment to help get your teeth back to their original color. There are many reasons teeth lose their whiteness. Tartar, plaque and decay can change the color along with coffee, tea and red wine. Smoking can also make teeth appear yellow or brown. Certain medications and diseases also cause staining and discoloration of the teeth. Teeth whitening can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your teeth, giving you more confidence in your smile.

There are several different methods of professional teeth whitening. Studies and our experience have shown us the most effective method of whitening is the system that uses custom fitted trays that the patient uses to perform the whitening at home. This method is quick and easy and the results are longer lasting, and as long as nothing changes in your mouth those trays can be used over and over again to touch up your smile whenever you like. Of course teeth whitening doesn’t repair damaged or broken teeth, those will need to be restored by the dentist. It is also important to know that caps, crowns, tooth colored fillings and porcelain are not helped by teeth whitening as it is only effective on natural teeth. If you have a lot of restorations in your mouth your doctor will let you know if teeth whitening is right for you.

We are living in the instant gratification era. Many of us want to see immediate results. For those patients, our office has the state-of-the-art, most up to date technique for in office whitening. This is accomplished using a diode laser to accelerate the whitening process. It takes about an hour, however, the take home custom fitted trays are still necessary to be used immediately after the in office procedure.

Once you have whitened your teeth the effect can last for 2 to 3 years. This of course will vary depending on the patient and their lifestyle, ie smoking will speed up the darkening process. Also the cleaner you keep your teeth the longer they will stay bright and white.

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