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Let me start by saying that I was definitely someone who feared anything dentist-related.

It wasn’t always that way, of course, it developed after several painful dentist visits and an increasing distrust and fear of the practice as a whole.

Despite increasingly deteriorating teeth, depression because of it, and even damage from an accident, I continued for years to postpone making appointments for much needed work. I always made excuses and sometimes even canceled appointments that I had made.

Of course eventually, it got to the point that I couldn’t put it off any longer. It was affecting many aspects of my life, from missed time at work due to infections and pain, to embarrassment due to physical appearance.

I figured that sedation was my best option. I didn’t want to be aware of, or feel, anything.

After many Internet searches and lingering procrastination, I contacted Leff, Weiss, Waldee and Associates to set up a consultation visit for a game plan that I could actually follow through with, and finally remedy my years-long dental problems.

While my nerves were definitely on edge sitting in the reception area, I can honestly say that it was to soon change. The staff was noticeably cognizant of patients like myself. My nerves relaxed a bit. And continued to do so through my consultation.

The date was set for the work to finally begin. It approached and my nerves built…but not to the point that I would consider not going through with it. This alone was a huge step for me.

Needless to say, I was flawlessly sedated and the extensive work was performed.

I awoke with no recollection of what had occurred, like a missing piece of film. I was totally pleased, of course. Internally, I was ecstatic.

Years of anxiety and depression seemed to recede along with the lingering effects of the sedation.

I barely said a word to my neighbor, who was kind enough to safely retrieve and deliver me home from my doctor’s office. On the ride home, I was simply busy reflecting on the relief and gratification I felt.

But mostly, I was thinking of the needless years of suffering I had put myself through.

This was a new chapter for me.

I knew that I had finally turned page!


I've been a patient of Dr. Waldee for a number of years now. I have always found Dr. Waldee and his staff to epitomize professionalism, care and concern for the health and well being of his patients. The office equipment is state-of-the-art, ensuring the most clear and concise x-rays and the ability to diagnose any problems early. I am pretty high maintenance, requiring a mouthful of Novocain for just a cleaning - while needles in the mouth is likely no one's idea of a good time. Dr. Waldee and his staff are calm and in good humor, so the patients can relax and feel confident that the experience will be a pain-free as possible.

And then I required a gum graft, performed by Dr. AJ. Both Dr. AJ and his nurse were terrific, performing a difficult procedure while I'm in the stratosphere on nitrous. Really not my idea of a fun day, but I was again, impressed by the skill, humor and caring of Dr. AJ as well as his nurse.


Dear Dr. Weiss & staff,

I can't thank you and your excellent staff enough for the best treatment and care you provided to me during my recent root canal surgery. As I had mentioned to you, I am petrified of needles and you and your staff understood my anxiety and nervousness and worked with me with the most understanding and compassion starting from the beginning to the end to make my surgery totally worry-free and comfortable - it is well worth the 3hr drive each way !

Thank you,
Rakesh J. Sheth

Dr. Weiss ~

I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to you and your staff for the exceptional kindness that you have
extended to this dental phobic patient. I have been petrified of dentists since I was a child and would rather
have endured painful toothaches than to step foot in a dentist office.

Since finding you some 15 years ago, I am able to walk into the office with the confidence that "it won't hurt". You have always treated me with incredible patience and have gone out of your way to alleviate my anxiety. Your staff members are equally as compassionate -- never to make light of the fears I have, but to support me and give me confidence.

The other important thing is that you have had anesthesia training, which is a tremendous plus in my book
and should be mandatory for all sedation dentists.

I have a deep trust in you and feel exceedingly safe in your care.

I hope you never retire!!


Margaret Rogers

Dear Prospective Patient:

I am a 40 year old extreme dental phobic. Being in the mere presence of a dental office is enough to induce cold clammy skin, nausea, and anxiety. The result of this has been my neglect of critical dental care over many years. Suffice to say that when I realized that I needed extensive dental work or risked losing my teeth my anxiety level over the mere thought of making an appointment was debilitating. However I managed to muster the courage and made my first appointment to see Dr. Lee Weiss .

While I was sitting in the dental chair he immediately noticed my high level of near panic anxiety. His reaction to this is what separates a great dentist from a good one. He commented on my unease and explained to me that no significant dental work was going to be performed that day. He was going to spend some time getting to know me, to gauge my degree of fear, and to perform a detailed, non-invasive evaluation.

With patience and a calm soothing voice he asked about me in general. He actually wanted to know about me as a person and not only as a patient! He informed me, in quite detail, the many options that are available in the office to deal with extreme anxiety patients. When the discussion on that matter ended I chose IM sedation.

Dr. Weiss then introduced me to another fantastic human being and dentist; Dr. Al Joburi . As gentle and understanding as Dr. Weiss, the thought that came through my mind was "Where do they get these guys!"

Neither the dentists nor any of the staff ever once judged me or lectured me. They maintained my complete dignity throughout the process. The level of professionalism in this office on a scale of one to ten is twelve. It does not get any better.

I have since had two major procedures done in the office. Collectively they involved: a gingiovectomy, wisdom teeth extraction, two other extractions, lifting of the sinus floor, deep periodontal cleaning, four implant posts, and two bone grafts. That's a lot of work! And we are not finished yet.

Because of the sedation given to me by Dr. Weiss, I do not remember one single thing about the procedures performed. And that is fantastic. Yes, there was considerable post operative pain and discomfort. But the office gave me quite detailed instructions (written) on how to manage it and the results were highly effective. Today I called Dr. Al Joburi (on his cell phone) to ask for further help with pain relief. His response was very timely and his recommendations worked perfectly. These guys know what they are doing.

I even had the pleasure of an emergency visit with Dr. Kerry Waldee . Another top-notch professional. It almost appears as if the office has a gentleness-kindness virus floating around it. I have never seen such outstanding health care professionalism in my life, literally.

My dental phobia seems to be melting away rapidly. I am no longer afraid to visit the office. I plan on finishing all of my restorative work and scheduling regular routine visits with Dr .Weiss for maintenance of my oral hygiene. So impressed am I with the competence and professionalism of the ENTIRE office that I have to date recommended them to six co-workers. And that is just the beginning.

Thank you guys. This literally was a life changing event. You are the gold standard of excellent dentistry and top-notch professionalism.


You guys are the ones that deserve all the credit! You quickly understood that I could not sit in the waiting room and always promptly put me in a room. More importantly, you took me from the brink of oral disaster to a healthy mouth. Lee made me feel comfortable before and during even the worst procedures. Even AJ and his bag of knives was supportive and comforting and more importantly did his job well. The girls have wonderful senses of humor and made all the appointments memorable.

I sincerely thank you all for going the extra mile and keep up the good work!


"I discovered this dentist office from an advertisement in the Fort Lauderdale yellow pages. I must qualify by stating that I am terrified of the dentist and have a very sensitive mouth."

My experience couldn't have been more positive. I had very extensive work done. My doctor was Dr. Weiss. He was very positive about everything he did and said to me. Never critical or impatient he was very calming. My physical suffering in the office during procedures was either nonexistent, or minimal.

Of all the times I have been to the dentist this was by far the most rewarding in finished work. I would recommend this office to everyone, especially dental patients who have great fear!

- Joyce P. "

"Dear Dr. Weiss,

We are very grateful to you and your staff for the care and first quality dental treatment our autistic son Roger received recently at your office. For several years we have been looking for a dental provider in the Ft. Lauderdale area who would treat special patients such as Roger. In addition to his disability, Roger is terrified of dentists , which made our search much more difficult.

Your entire staff from the office personnel to the technicians and hygienists exhibited extraordinary patience, understanding and most importantly, a willingness to attend to Roger's needs. You personally went above and beyond in helping Roger relax to make him comfortable with his visit.

Thanks again to you and your staff for enabling Roger to receive the complete dental care that he needed so much in only one visit . His experience was painless and without any bad memories. His recovery was quick and complete. There was no swelling, excessive bleeding or discomfort and he still 'talks' about the dentist, Dr. Weiss.

Sincerely, Robert and Barbara W. "

I am very fortunate to have Dr. Lee Weiss as my dentist. Seldom do you find someone that has all the qualities of being gentle, thorough, caring and committed to his patients. His goal is to care for your health, comfort, function and appearance.

He has spent numerous hours on my teeth. To put it simply. "It is nice to smile again !"

A very well managed office that are extremely friendly and organized.

Anthony Ruggiero
Weston, Florida

This letter goes out to all of those people out there who have a terrible fear of the Dentist. My name is Renee Marino and I work at Salon Savvy in Plantation, FL. About three weeks ago, I had an experience that has changed my entire life and I would like to share it with all of you. Over the past ten years my teeth became very painful, ungodly loose and then eventually started to fall out. But unfortunately my fears of the dentist chair over powered the pain and agony my teeth were causing me. Even my career in the beauty industry and working face to face with people in a solon everyday did not help me overcome my fear. There was no way of talking myself into going to the Dentist, I just learned to deal with the misery and because of the embarrassment of my teeth, I just stopped smiling.

Then one day, one of my clients, Brenda, started talking to me about her dentist and how she used to have the same fears of the Dentist in the past until she met Dr. Weiss. Brenda said his office was just around the corner from the shop where I work. She talked about Dr. Weiss for about 6 months and it took me almost one year before I made my first appointment, not knowing then that that day would turn out to be one of the most important days of my life. I was scared to death sitting in that waiting room and then the nurse called my name and my heart fell into my stomach. Once in the procedure room I started to calm down, the office staff talked with me and made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Shortly after speaking with the dentist assistants, Dr. Weiss entered the room. He sat down and we talked and he too made me feel so comfortable. We went over my fears I had of the dentist and exactly how I wished my teeth looked. It was unbelievable how he took the time to ask me questions and listen to everything I had to say.

Brenda did not lie when she said the procedure would be painless. I was in absolutely no pain and never saw ONE needle. Needless to say, today I have a beautiful new smile and a great love for my Dentist and his office staff. So, if you are someone sitting out there who refuses to smile because of bad teeth or have fear of the Dentist, please know that there is a Dentist just for us! His name is Dr. Lee A. Weiss and his office is located in the Fountains Plaza of Plantation or stop by Salon Savvy, ask for Renee and let me show you my one in a million smile!



I recently saw Dr. Waldee in the office and had some work done, and I really just had to let it be known how WONDERFUL and THOUGHTFUL he is. I am a very anxious, nervous person as soon as I step into that office,even HOURS before my appointment... but somehow he has a very calming effect on me.

He is very considerate and caring. .! I will NEVER want to see another dentist again.... none could ever be as wonderful as Dr. Waldee. Thank you Dr. Waldee, you have no idea how you have helped me. Don't ever retire! :) See you soon.

Thanks again!
Tara Marvulli

Dear Laura & Dr. Henry,

I wanted to take the time to thank you both for all your patience with me. This was the first time I n over 40 years that I have allowed a dentist, or oral surgeon to actually do work on my teeth. I am ashamed of being such a baby but that is what fear does to people when they are mistreated. Oh my daughter had taken me to dentists before but I would always mange to wiggle out of actually getting work done. I would make the dentist frustrated and they would give up and she would take me somewhere else. It had been like that for years. I really can't believe I had a tooth pulled. Wow!!

You two are very special people and for your kindness I wanted to thank you and to let you know my appreciation.

Thank you both,
Ilona Waller

BTW - By the way who was the other nurse in the room, was that Lucy? If so, thanks you too Lucy,
I appreciate your kindness also.

My favorite dentist, Lee Weiss, is the most caring, sensitive and wonderful dentist that I have ever known.

He is always available for all my needs - sometimes serious, sometimes frivolous, but always there for me. If he closes his practice for any reason - I would be totally lost. I need him forever.

Carol Ladof

To put it simply Dr. Waldee is simply the best dentist I have ever had.

He and his staff are friendly, helpful and professional. I have been abused and subjected to a lot of unneeded pain by other so called dental professionals. But I can honestly tell you Dr. Waldee and his staff are the real deal, they care how you feel and they do everything they can to put you at ease and make you dental visits the best possible regardless of your dental health.

My teeth were in really bad shape when I first came to his office, but now I’m able to smile again for the first time in years. Dr. Waldee is the only dentist in my entire life that I don’t have a near overwhelming fear of going to. In fact it is much the opposite, my appointments feel more as if I’m visiting friends than a dentist’s office.

I highly recommend Dr. Waldee and his associates to anyone who needs dental work done no matter how minor or complex, you’ll be in good hands.

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