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April 2, 2008

Is what you are eating effecting your teeth?

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Is what you eat affecting your teeth?
Many common drinks and snacks such as fruit, yogurt and soft drinks may be contributing to permanent damage to our teeth. The break down of our teeth by acid that leads to decay is more commonly known as tooth erosion.
How your teeth are affected
Soft drinks and other foods which contain acids work over time to breakdown a tooth’s surface. By sipping or holding drinks in your mouth before swallowing, the enamel can dissolve,
thinning your teeth. Eventually the tooth’s enamel will lose its shape and change color due to the repeated exposure to acid. Also, frequent consumption of foods with a low pH value including fresh fruit, yogurt, honey and raisins can contribute to erosion.
What you can do to help prevent tooth erosion?
It is important to remember it’s not what you eat and drink that matters but how you consume the harmful foods. To help prevent tooth erosion, people who consume acidic foods should wait at a minimum of 20 minutes before brushing their teeth in order to not destroy the weakened enamel. Acidic foods should be consumed within a five minute period instead of snacking on them throughout the day. It is also important to be aware of habits such as sucking on lemons or swishing soda in your mouth which prolong the exposure of your teeth to the harmful acid.
Drs. Leff, Weiss, Waldee and Associates may also perform dentin bonding to help prevent tooth erosion. This procedure is when the teeth are painted with a very thin layer of dentin to help prevent further tooth erosion.
Source: “Improper Consumption Of Acidic Foods Could Lead To Destroyed Enamel.” Science Daily, June 26, 2007.

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