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June 26, 2016

Options For Relaxing During Dental Treatment From Your Sedation Dentist in Plantation

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Learn more about your options for relaxing during your dental treatment from your sedation dentist in Plantation.Does a dental appointment put your stomach in knots? Does even just the thought of going to the dentist strike terror in your heart? You’re not alone! Did you know that there are around 40 million Americans who feel exactly like you about their dental appointments? In fact, fear and anxiety may keep patients from getting the care that they need and deserve. Your sedation dentist in Plantation is here to change those statistics and help you get your dental procedures done while helping you feel comfortable and relaxed. Here are some of the options we offer for sedation during your dental treatment.

Oral Sedation

This type of sleep dentistry combines the use of oral medications and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to create a state of conscious relaxation. This means that you’re awake and able to respond, yet you feel relaxed and at ease during your procedure. This form of sedation works well for patients with mild anxiety or fear.

What is General Anesthesia?

This is a form of deeper anesthesia, which works well for patients with severe anxiety, special needs, or who may need to complete multiple treatment procedures during one appointment. During general anesthesia, the patient is unconscious and doesn’t feel or hear anything during the procedures; they will also have no memory of anything that happened during their appointment. Vital signs are monitored throughout the entire process through an EKG monitor.

What is IV Sedation?

Intravenous (IV) sedation uses an IV line to administer medication to the patient. During this form of sedation the patient is conscious but completely relaxed, and the provider is also able to perform multiple treatment procedures at one time, while the patient remains calm, relaxed and at ease.

If you feel anxious about going to the dentist, please understand first that you’re not alone, and second that there is hope! You don’t have to let fear keep you from getting much needed dental care any longer. Visit your sedation dentists in Ft. Lauderdale to learn more about your options for safe and relaxed dental care.

Our highly skilled team of doctors offers a full range of services including advanced services such as dental implants, sleep apnea therapy, oral surgery, and special needs dentistry. Contact our office today to learn more about your options for dental care and sedation. We can’t wait to help you reclaim your oral health!

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