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February 2, 2016

Overcome Dental Anxiety with Pain Free Dentists

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Sleep Dentist Pain Free DentistsLet’s face it, visiting the dentist is not everyone’s idea of fun, but it’s something that has to be done to maintain your oral health. Unfortunately, 27 percent of adults only visit the dentist once a problem has developed, which is largely due to stress and anxiety. Fear of the dentist is the top contributing factor stopping people from visiting the dentist. However, now you don’t have to let that fear hold you back. Sleep and sedation dentistry provides a relaxing experience for those looking for pain free density or those suffering from dental anxiety. Pain free dentists allow those with anxiety and fears to maintain their oral health while enjoying their time at the dentist.

Why Choose Pain Free Dentistry?

According to National Smile Month, one in seven adults suffer from extreme dental anxiety, which is largely driven by the fear of having a tooth drilled or the fear of a local anesthetic injection. While many know they have the option to use sedation during their dental visits, many are hesitant to use sleep dentistry because they don’t like the idea of not being in control during the procedure. However, sedation is safe and effective with few adverse side effects for a pain and stress-free visit.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

With fear among the top reasons people don’t visit the dentist, many delay treatment and regular visits. Sedation dentists in Plantation use sedatives to provide a pain free experience while reducing anxiety, stress, and fears over dental procedures. Fearful patients no long have to distance themselves from the dentists as sedation allows them to feel more relaxed during procedures for a stress-free visit.

With sedation, patients have a pain-free visit as the sedation enhances a patient’s pain threshold, allowing the dentist to perform procedures using the least amount of anesthesia possible. By reducing the amount of anesthesia needed, the cost for the procedure decreases.

Sedation also makes patents more cooperative, allowing patients to withstand procedures for longer periods of time. While under sedation, patients have less discomfort from keeping their mouth open, allowing the dentist to work quicker, reducing the number of visits required to perform a procedure– perfect for those with busy schedules. With less trips to the dentist, sedation provides a cost-effective solution while saving time as dentists can complete procedures quickly and easily.

Types of Sedation

Pain free dentistry has numerous forms of sedation available based on your unique needs. Sedation can include IV, oral, and inhalation sedation. Dentists determine which type of sedation will be most beneficial based on each patient’s needs. Each type offered are safe and effective while producing minimal adverse side effects or reactions.

With Sleep Dentists, patients are able to be fully sedated to sleep comfortably while undergoing dental procedures. In addition, there are various forms of sedation that can be used for complete pain-free dentistry. If you have dental anxiety, no problem! Relax and wake up smiling with sedation dentistry. Contact us today to find pain free dentists near you.

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