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September 13, 2017

A Local Sedation Dentist in Fort Lauderdale Helps Kids, Too!

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child happy dental visit Nothing feels worse than putting your child through something that you know they’re afraid of. After all, as a parent, you have a natural protective instinct. Even if you understand that it’s necessary and good for them, having to see the fear in their eyes as they receive necessary dental work can be enough to break you. Your sedation dentist in Fort Lauderdale understands this and knows that some children need sedation to complete their dental treatment without fear.

Is Sedation Safe for My Child?

Many parents worry about the consequences of sedating their child for dental appointments, however, the benefits of sedation far outweigh any negatives that may come to mind. A local sedation dentist should have a number of safe options for sedation. If your child is mildly nervous, a sedation dentist in Fort Lauderdale can just take the edge off with laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, to being completely asleep for the entire appointment. It’s as easy as scheduling a consultation with the dentist so that you can meet and discuss which sedation may be the best to help your child get the dental care they need. Your child will feel comfortable and safe throughout their entire appointment no matter which sedation option is used.

What Are the Benefits of Sedation?

If your child is already fearful of the dentist sedation may help them to overcome their anxiety about sitting in the dental chair and the procedures themselves. Many patients are able to utilize sedation for their first few appointments, and then as they begin to get older, they will be completely comfortable receiving the care they need.

Since dentists and doctors alike are learning that oral health is linked to systemic health, it’s imperative that your child doesn’t receive delayed dental treatments from fear.  Dental procedures that are ignored can also cause even more painful and extensive work to be necessary.

Sedation is a great way to get much needed dental procedures done and maintain your child’s good health.

About Our Office

If you anticipate that your child is scared to visit the dentist, it’s time to bring them to Sleep Dentists.  We cater to the roughly 40 million Americans who are anxious about or unable to make it through routine dental appointments.  Whether physical or mental (or both), many people face real challenges that keep them from even thinking about going to the dentist. You have the power to avoid creating a bad habit by bringing your child in to visit early on.

Because we can put a child completely to sleep or simply use a lighter method like nitrous oxide, your child is able to enjoy a completely different experience than they anticipate. If you’re ready to instill good oral hygiene habits in your little one, feel free to contact us to create a truly positive dental experience.

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