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June 1, 2017

Should My Child Visit a Sedation Dentist in Plantation?

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What services does your sedation dentist in Plantation offer?Many parents may wonder is it safe to sedate my son or daughter during their dental appointment? As you can remember, your first few times visiting the dentist was a little uncomfortable. For some, that slight discomfort can cause them to spiral into a full anxiety attack—especially young patients or patients with special needs. Luckily, Sleep Dentists has a sedation dentist in Plantation that offers great services to turn every dental appointment into a positive experience. If you’re looking forward to getting your child the dental care they need but not looking forward to the hassle of your little dental phobic, explore these sedation options.

What exactly is sedation dentistry and is it safe for my child?

Sedatives have proven to be effective in dentistry for years now. Sedatives create a state of relaxation for especially apprehensive patients, patients with anxiety, patients with dental phobia, and patients with special needs. Imagine an autistic child that is unfamiliar with the dentist’s office needing extensive dental work. It would benefit both the child and the dentist to help make the patient more comfortable by relaxing them with the help of a safely administered medication from either Dr. Hohimer or Dr. Waldee. Even older autistic patients may have difficulty getting comfortable during a dental appointment. Our job is to make each appointment feel inviting and complete your comprehensive dental care as soon as we can.

Types of Sedation Dentistry Offered

Oral Sedation

When you need an anesthetic that is light enough to stay awake during your dental treatment but relieves pain and your anxious feelings before and during your sit in the dental chair, you should consider this sedative. We use nitrous oxide and align a small mask over your orifices to help relax patients. It wears off quickly and most patients just feel drowsy directly after their dental appointment. They will be back to their normal behavior in no time!

IV Sedation

Intravenous sedation is more commonly known as IV sedation. As the name suggests, the sedative is administered through an IV for patients with severe dental anxiety.  This is great for patients with special needs, but we typically don’t recommend it for young children. Your Plantation sedation dentist can perform multiple dental procedures in one visit while your loved one is in a relaxed state. If you were to ask your loved one what they remember about their appointment, their memory would be fuzzy about the experience. We would much rather be able to provide the dental care you need rather than your loved one being too afraid to visit the dentist again, so we take that as a good sign!

General Anesthesia

If your child or loved one is extremely resistant to the idea of visiting the dentist, speak to our office about general anesthesia. We use both IV sedatives and inhalation agents to ensure that our patient is completely asleep during their dental treatment. This technique is recommended for resistant patients with severe dental phobia and really helpful with children who can’t sit still, physically resistant in the dental chair, and for special needs patients that may have uncontrolled movements because of their disorder. Patients that undergo general anesthesia during their dental appointment will need an escort to and from our office.

Contact Sleep Dentists

Although deciding if sedation is right for you and your family is up to you as the parent, we always try to make the best recommendations. If you’re not comfortable with the suggestion of your dentist please let us know! We’re more than happy to openly discuss different treatment options for your family’s smiles. Contact us today!

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