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October 6, 2017

Should I Try Sedation When Having My Wisdom Teeth Pulled?

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One rite of passage that teens and young adults go through could be going to prom. Another might be graduating from school. Sometimes, young adults also experience a painful rite of passage when their wisdom teeth come in.

Rather than dealing with unwanted dental pain and the problems that can stem from irregular wisdom teeth eruption, you can simply have them extracted. Does the idea of getting your teeth pulled make your palms sweaty? You don’t have to worry; your local sleep dentist can help with sedation dentistry.

Why might patients need their wisdom teeth removed?

Although many patients wish to keep all of their natural teeth, even when they come in much later in development, it’s best to have those back wisdom teeth removed. Why? Their late eruption and how they erupt can lead to dental problems in the future. There are certain consequences that could come from not removing your wisdom teeth:

  • Your wisdom teeth may only partially come in and leave a flap of gum tissue that allows food and bacteria to infect your mouth.
  • Your wisdom teeth may come in at an awkward angle and cause your bite to change.
  • Your jaw may not be large enough and your wisdom teeth will become impacted (stuck underneath your gums).
  • Infections, damage to other teeth, or cysts may form from impacted teeth.
  • They can cause your teeth to crowd and shift.

How can sedation dentistry help?

When patients think of removing teeth, their first reaction may be to cringe. Your stomach doesn’t have to twist and turn to the idea of your dentist pulling your teeth when they offer sedation. Your dentist may be able to help you relax before your procedure with one of these sedatives:

  • Local anesthesia is the medication that’s used to numb the affected area. It’s actually injected into the area of the mouth that’s going to be treated. This type of anesthesia blocks all pain while your procedure is being performed and it doesn’t put you to sleep!
  • Oral conscious sedation is achieved by administering a small amount of medication before the appointment. The medication works to make you drowsy without actually making you unconscious. In most cases, patients are so relaxed that they feel comfortable enough to drift off into a deep sleep.
  • Intravenous (IV) sedation is administered by an expert sleep dentist through the vein. This is a very quick form of sedation that still allows you to be conscious during your procedure. If you’re heavily sedated, you’ll feel groggy and need an escort from your appointment.
  • Finally, there’s general anesthesia. This type of sedation promotes unconsciousness. While you’re under your extremely relaxed state, your dentist will look after you to make sure you stay leveled and comfortable during your procedure. The best part is that patients don’t remember anything about their appointment when it’s over.

So, which type of sedation is best for you to have your wisdom teeth removed? You may need a combination of a few! Ask your dentist about what you need to reach your smile goals and how they can help you meet them.

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