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April 18, 2008

Silver Dental Fillings Are Safe!

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Researchers in Portugal and the U.S. followed 507 children who received silver fillings, called amalgams. After a seven year period, the children’s rates of neurological symptoms showed no difference when compared to those who received resin based fillings.
Why Silver Fillings Were Considered Dangerous
Silver fillings are made of a combination of metals including mercury. Over time small amounts of mercury vapor are released. With mercury poisoning being known to damage the central nervous system and kidneys, consumer groups have been against using silver fillings to treat cavities for years.
While the possibility of neurological symptoms including tremors, vision problems, hearing deficits and coordination problems have caused consumer groups, dentists and lawmakers to call for a ban on silver fillings, an advisory panel to the United States government recently said that silver fillings are generally safe and more studies are needed into certain unanswered questions. The American Dental Association continues to maintain that the fillings are safe and should be an option for patients.

Your Choice For Treating Fillings

While silver fillings may be the best choice for treating some common dental problems such as cavities located on molars, Drs. Leff, Weiss, Waldee and Associates continue to use the latest techniques and new materials as they become available.
SOURCE: Journal of the American Dental Association, February 13, 2008.

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