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October 5, 2015

Choose the Sleep Dentist Plantation, FL Prefers – Weiss, Waldee & Hohimer

woman sleeping soundly at the sleep dentist plantation residents loveA lot of practices use the term “sleep dentist,” but very few offer sedatives strong enough to actually induce sleep. At Sleep Dentists, the Plantation dental team offers a full range of dental sedation from mild nitrous oxide, to moderate oral conscious or IV sedation, and full general anesthesia. Whether patients suffer from mild to moderate anxiety, or need extensive oral and maxillofacial surgery necessitating unconscious sedation, we have an anesthetic that will meet your needs. To find our more contact Drs. Weiss, Waldee, & Hohimer, the sleep dentists Plantation residents prefer.

Anesthesia Explained by Your Sleep Dentist Plantation

The word anesthesia derives from the Greek, “an” without and “aisthesis” sensation. In modern medicine, anesthesia ranges from local to general.

  • Local anesthetics – are topical or injected to numb a specific area before treatment or to reduce pain.
  • Nitrous oxide sedation – induces a euphoric, relaxed sensation that diminishes the body’s overall sensitivity to pain or feeling, but only minimally impairs cognitive function for a very brief time.
  • Oral conscious sedatives – are prescribed medications that significantly relax those with severe anxiety, fear, or who are sensitive to pain for an extended time frame up to 8 hours.
  • IV sedation – a controllable dose of sedative delivered intravenously. Good for patients who have unpredictable responses to oral medications, or whose period of sedation may need to be extended.
  • General anesthesia – is truly sleep sedation. General anesthesia is the only form of sedation that actually renders patients unconscious.

Is Sleep Dentists in Plantation Right for Me?

Like many general dentistry practices, Sleep Dentists is able to offer a full-range of dental care from preventive treatments to full-mouth reconstruction. Unlike other general dental practitioners, we specialize in treating patients who require some level of sedative during dentistry services. The main reasons patients choose Sleep Dentists are:

  • Fear or anxiety related to the dentist
  • Trauma related to previous dental care
  • Highly sensitive teeth, gums, or gag reflex
  • Physical disability that prevents patients from comfortably receiving treatment
  • Cognitive impairment that makes dental care upsetting, confusing, or otherwise uncomfortable
  • Limited time available, but in need of multiple or complex dental procedures

Sleep Dentists is one of the only dental practices in the state of Florida that offers all levels of anesthesia and has an anesthesiologist on staff. At Sleep Dentists, we have a team of skilled dental practitioners, the latest technology, and an on-site laboratory to help us provide our patients the best possible care. Additionally, we focus our attention on one patient at a time. That means we quickly deliver expert specialty knowledge and care from our on-site anesthesiologist, periodontologist, or oral surgeon if the need arises during treatment. We’re proud to serve plantation dental patients with special needs who are either mentally or physically compromised. We are trained in caring for differently abled patients, and always provide gentle care to our clients.

Contact Your Sleep Dentist Ft. Lauderdale

Whatever medical, physical, or cognitive discomfort you experience during dental visits, the Sleep Dentists are here to help you get the dentistry services you need without the fear, pain, or anxiety you don’t. Contact our Plantation dentists to schedule an appointment.

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